May 9, 2019

144 - "Legends of The Grail" with Ayn Cates Sullivan (@AynCateSullivan)

144 - "Legends of The Grail" with Ayn Cates Sullivan (@AynCateSullivan)

Understand the lineage of your people and the trials they went through to give you strength.


Today's featured award-winning and bestselling author is speaker and seminar leader, Ayn Cates Sullivan, PhD. Dr. Ayn and I talk about her books on Celtic mythology, and tons more!!!


Key Takeaways:


Do something you love and keep it close to your heart…and feet.


To keep a nation alive, you need the stories of your people (and your own language).


Druids had to know 250 historical stories and play the harp before becoming one.


Oral storytelling was the main way of transferring information.


Never forget your wondrous inner child. Stay curious.


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