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Oct. 3, 2019

185 - "Ultralearning" with Scott H. Young (@ScottHYoung)

185 -

Avoid becoming a passive consumer and become a proactive emulator.


Today's featured bestselling author is fellow podcast host and TEDx speaker, Scott H. Young. Scott and I talk about his new book, the art of emulation and more!!!


Key Takeaways:

Immersion is great for learning new languages but ultra-immersion is an easier and quicker method to learn a new language.

The point of learning a language is to communicate with people.

Don’t let past approaches hinder you from doing something new.

Great writers read a lot.

Study and model those you respect.


Scott's Site: https://www.scotthyoung.com/

Scott's Book: https://www.scotthyoung.com/blog/ultralearning/


The opening track is titled, "Full Grip-(Ridge Racer PS Vita Concept)" by Rukunetsu (AKA Project R).  To cop this track, tap on the following link. https://soundcloud.com/rukunetsu/full-grip-ridge-racer 


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