Nov. 14, 2019

197 – “Shift Your Focus for Change” with Eileen Bild (@BildEileen) #chaostoclarity

197 – “Shift Your Focus for Change” with Eileen Bild (@BildEileen) #chaostoclarity

“I am going to heal!” - Eileen Bild

Today’s featured bestselling author is certified life coach and CEO of Ordinary to Extraordinary Life, Core Thinking, Eileen Bild. Eileen and I talk about the power of intentionally declaring good health into your life and more!


Key Takeaways:

Declare good into your life with enthusiasm and unyielding resolve.


Our words have power and we sometimes need to go through a word detox.


We are all connected in some way.


The right people will show up in your life when you are determined and focused on a purposeful goal.


Assertiveness is not being aggressive. Being assertive is setting boundaries.


“Change is happening all around us.”


Speak with strength.


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Pre-Order a copy of the above book, “Chaos to Clarity” Here:!/chaos-to-clarity


The opening track is titled, "Bar Lupin" by Marcus D. Check out the full track and download it here. 


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