Jan. 27, 2020

218 – “Be a Good Thing Before Looking for a Good Thing” with Kimberly Cleveland

218 – “Be a Good Thing Before Looking for a Good Thing” with Kimberly Cleveland
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“My pain birthed my passion.” – Kimberly Cleveland


Today’s featured author is event producer, mom and wife coach, Kimberly Cleveland. Kimberly and I talk about why she decided to become a wife coach, her new co-author projects and more! If you are looking to be that good thing for your significant other, this is one episode that you don’t want to miss.


Key Takeaways:

Proper planning prevents poor performance.

Most folks go into marriage without being prepared.

“Marriage does involve work.”

Be happy with yourself before uniting with someone else through marriage.

Marriage is a system that has a purpose.

You must be a happy and whole person before seeking companionship with someone else.

Take the time to know who you are.

“Honesty starts with yourself.”


Kimberly’s Site: http://thewifeuniversity.com/

Kimberly’s Book: https://purposedpublishingcompany.com/KimberlyCleveland/


The opening track is titled, "Son of the Moon" by Marcus D. Click the following link to cop the full track and album. https://marcusd.net/track/son-of-the-moon


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