July 2, 2020

263.5 (Holiday Bonus Episode) – “The Art of Inspiring People to Be Their Best” with (@CraigWhelden)

263.5 (Holiday Bonus Episode) – “The Art of Inspiring People to Be Their Best” with (@CraigWhelden)
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“It’s never too late to start something new.” – Craig Whelden


Today’s bonus featured bestselling, award-winning author is motivational speaker, Major General for the Craig Whelden. Craig and I talk about his military experience, why he wrote his book about leadership, and tons more!


Key Things You’ll Learn:

The most important aspect of leadership.

Craig’s process of turning his memoir into a leadership book.

Why leaders need to have their priorities in the right order.

Why you must count the cost when advancing in your career.

The power of a senior leader encouraging their subordinates.



Craig’s Book: https://www.amazon.com/Leadership-Inspiring-People-Their-Best/dp/173384113X/ref=sr_1_1

Craig’s Site: https://www.craigwhelden.com/



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