July 20, 2020

268 – “800% Your Life” with Glenn Lundy (@GlennBLundy)

268 – “800% Your Life” with Glenn Lundy (@GlennBLundy)
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“If you write goals without gratitude, then those are just wishes.” – Glenn Lundy

Today’s featured author is father, husband, fellow podcast host, motivational leader, and Automotive Industry Expert, Glenn Lundy. Glenn and I talk about his transformation from being homeless to becoming a leader in the automotive industry that helped a small-town dealership have 800% growth in 5 years along with some of the things he does in his life to remain an elite performer. This is one powerful episode you don’t want to miss.


Key Things You’ll Learn:

Glenn’s leadership formula to extract the greatness out of your people for any company.

Glenn’s morning routine that helps him maintain a high level of performance.

Glenn’s night routine that prepares him for his morning routine.

Why sleep cycles are important.

Why He’s a Christian.



Glenn’s Site: https://glennlundy.com/

Glenn’s Book: https://glennlundy.com/the-morning-5/


The opening track is titled "Fly" by Marcus D. Be sure to click the following link http://marcusd.net/track/fly-ft-choklate  and support his craft.


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