Sept. 3, 2020

281 – “No More Average” with Andy Audate (@andyaudate)

281 – “No More Average” with Andy Audate (@andyaudate)

“The opportunity is in the show-up.” – Andy Audate


Today’s featured author is millennial motivational speaker serial entrepreneur, and member of the 2020 Forbes Coaches Council, Andy Audate. Andy and I have a power-packed conversation about the importance of speed in recognizing opportunities, how to think big, and more gems about entrepreneurship.


Key Things You’ll Learn:

Why average is a sickness.

Why your visible success is inspiring someone else.

Why people fall into bad opportunities.

How he was able to drop suicidal thoughts to becoming a faith-based entrepreneur.



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The opening track is titled, "SFEX x ATCQ" by madxruler (formally known as Ruler Inc.) Cop this track and the entire album by clicking the following link.


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