Sept. 24, 2020

287 – “This Is Good” with Tami Matheny (@R2LCoaching)

287 – “This Is Good” with Tami Matheny (@R2LCoaching)

“Confidence comes from what we do, say and think every day.” – Tami Matheny


Today’s featured bestselling author is Mental Game Coach, avid sports enthusiast, and Jon Gordon Certified Trainer, Tami Matheny. Tami and I talk about becoming an author, what the biggest thief of confidence is, and more!!!


Key Things You’ll Learn:

The one class that Tami sucked at that didn’t matter in the long haul in her writing journey.

What led Tami to start her monthly Confidence calendars and how far in advance she plans them out.

The obstacle that every content creator must push through early on.

What one of the biggest culprits of confidence is for not only student-athletes but for everyone.


Tami’s Books:

Tami’s Site:


A special shoutout goes to MadXRuler (Formally Known as Ruler Inc.) for his track, "VS Beat 2." Be sure to cop track along with his other work through this link.


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