Dec. 7, 2020

Ep. 308 – “Every Day Is A New Day” with Kim O'Neill (@KimsONaMission)

Ep. 308 – “Every Day Is A New Day” with Kim O'Neill (@KimsONaMission)
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“What I choose to think, speak, and believe will show up for me in my reality.” - Kim O'Neill

What happens when you have two positive podcast hosts that love inspiration and laughter? Fun is what happens. Today’s featured bestselling author is twice certified Transformational Confidence Coach, interview coach, Reiki Master, former Crime Analyst, and inspirational host of the Every Day is a New Day podcast and live show, Kim O'Neill. Kim and I talk about coaching, how to navigate through times of redirection, and tons more!!!


Key Thing’s You’ll Learn:

How Kim became a Crime Analyst and how it makes her a stronger transformational coach.

What made Kim decide to become a certified Transformational Coach.

How to positively navigate during your redirection period in life.

Questions to ask yourself for creating a wonderful life

Her one word for the remainder of 2020.

3 Lessons She’s Learned from Being a Veteran Podcast Host.


Kim’s Site:

Kim’s Books:

Kim’s Show/Podcast:


The opening track is titled, “Up With The Comics” by Asis Galvin. To listen and purchase the full track, click the following link.


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