March 4, 2021

Ep. 333 – “How to Grow Your Social Media Influence” with Catherine Saykaly-Stevens (@CatherineNetWeb)

Ep. 333 – “How to Grow Your Social Media Influence” with Catherine Saykaly-Stevens (@CatherineNetWeb)

“If you want to find the happiest place on the planet, believe it or not, it’s the pocket of twitter where the authors hang out. Especially the fiction writers.” - Catherine Saykaly-Stevens


Today’s featured author is speaker, trainer, and social media consultant, Catherine Saykaly-Stevens. Catherine and I have a fun and creative chat about how she became an internet pioneer, how to start a social media campaign for a product launch, and more about helping you gain visibility, credibility, and profitability.


Key Thing’s You’ll Learn:

How she ended up having one of Canada’s 1st websites.

How her severe dyslexia became her entrepreneurial advantage.

Her 2 favorite social media platforms to use and why 1 of them is a must for fiction writers.

How you can start a social media campaign for your product launch.

Her upcoming projects for 2021.

The 3 ways how you should spend your social media time.



Catherine’s Site:


The opening track is titled "Pilot Wings Remix" by Rukunetsu (aka Project R). Click on the following link to listen and cop the full tune.


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