May 10, 2021

Ep. 352 – “Pre-Engagement Coaching” with William Edward Turner (@weturner)

Ep. 352 – “Pre-Engagement Coaching” with William Edward Turner (@weturner)
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“Save your marriage before it starts.” - William Edward Turner


Today’s featured author is certified Biblical counselor, speaker, publisher, and creator of A New Heart Divorce Recovery Services and Pre-Engagement Coaching, Min. William Edward Turner. William and I have a chat about going the prevention route with your relationship to ensure a better marriage, the 2 skills that couples should have in their arsenal in addition to good communication, and more!! 


Key Thing’s You’ll Learn:

What couples should do before officially tying the knot.

What a communication fast is.

The 2 skills that couples should have in their arsenal in addition to good communication.

Why it’s important to have a legacy and train your successors properly.



Min. Williams’s Site:

Min. Williams’s Books:


The opening track is called "Awakening" by Marcus D. Listen to the full track and purchase it here.


Resources Mentioned:

Divorce Is Worse Than Death:


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