Aug. 23, 2021

Ep. 394 – “The Standing Meditation” with Nate Rifkin

Ep. 394 – “The Standing Meditation” with Nate Rifkin
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“Success is messy, and people see the results of success and they don’t see the mess behind it.” – Nate Rifkin

Today’s featured author is marketing strategist, copywriter, and proud husband, Nate Rifkin. Nate and I talk about the benefits of meditation, the bad side of visualization, and turning your setbacks into success through ancient mystical practices.


Key Thing’s You’ll Learn:

The dark side of self-help and how meditation helped Nate get out of it.

The biggest resistance Nate dealt with when he started meditating

A basic meditation technique that you can implement immediately to lower your stress.

How to use painful challenges to fuel your growth


Nate’s Site:

Nate’s Book:


The opening track is titled “Kirin” by Marcus D. to listen to the full track and purchase the whole album, click the following link.


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