Dec. 27, 2021

Ep. 448 – “Keepin' It Real” with Caramel Lucas (@Ms__Caramel)

Ep. 448 – “Keepin' It Real” with Caramel Lucas (@Ms__Caramel)
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Writing is amazing and can be done at almost any age.

Today’s featured author is poet, Creative & Reality TV Writer, director, motivational speaker, model, actress, and standup comedian, Caramel Lucas. Caramel and I have a laughter-filled conversation about her creative pursuits, overcoming stage fright, and more!


Key Thing’s You’ll Learn:

How she became a writer and why she loves writing.

Where her creativity comes from.

How to limit, if not eliminate stage fright.

What not to do on stage as a comedian.


Caramel’s Site:

Caramel’s Book:


The opening track is titled, "Don't You" from The Solar Mixtape by Asis Galvin. Be sure to capture this beat by clicking this link.


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