March 3, 2022

Ep. 476 – “Why Chakras Are Not Necessarily Good for Your Body” with Julie Renee Doering (@RevJulieRenee)

Ep. 476 – “Why Chakras Are Not Necessarily Good for Your Body” with Julie Renee Doering (@RevJulieRenee)

“When we’re in a time of compression and struggle, that’s a time when God opens His heart and ideas to us so that we can more deeply connect with God.” – Julie Renee Doering

Today’s featured bestselling author is speaker, award-winning poet, harpist, singer, expert meditation instructor, Master Health Activator, America’s leading authority on quantum cellular mechanics, and the #1 Brain Rejuvenation Expert, Julie Renee Doering. Julie and I talk about her new findings about chakras, strengthening yourself spiritually, and more!!!


Key Things You’ll Learn:

Why chakras are bad for you.

How long it takes to develop chakras.

One of the major keys to prayer.

Why critical thinking and self-awareness are important for your physical and spiritual health.


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