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Health Food for the Brain

I’ve been a fan of the Going North Podcast (GNP) since the beginning and now with 300+ episodes available there is something for everyone. During my daily commute, I have found the value of the educational content that is hosted on the GNP allowing me to feed my brain healthy, nutritional food, instead of junk food.

If you’re an author you need to reach out to Dom Brightmon and ask to be on the GNP. He accommodates authors from various genres and he is willing to listen to the author and let the author tell their story. As an author of “Divorce is Worse than Death” he worked with me to let me tell my story. His professionalism is commendable and his personality is infectious. Dom shared my GNP interview to 20+ platforms for maximum exposure allowing listeners to enjoy my interview from their favorite podcast app.

Nov. 3, 2020 by Stan McCluskey on Apple Podcasts

The Going North Podcast