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Jan. 9, 2019

111 - "Full Throttle" with Paul Comfort @comfortpaul)

Take what life hands you and turn it around into something good. Today's featured author is the former CEO of the Maryland Transi…

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Dec. 23, 2018

106 - "You Were Born to Fly" with Daniel Gomez (@DanielInspires)

“God does give you more than you can handle because if you feel if you can handle everything that comes your way, you are never g…

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Dec. 2, 2018

100 - "Habits of Highly Broke People" with Dipo Adesina (@dipo_adesin…

“A lot of people put out a certain image but that’s not their real identity.” - Dipo Adesina   Today's featured author is inspira…

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Nov. 29, 2018

99 - "Leader By Choice" with Andres Valdes (@IamAndresValdes)

“When you speak to people, you speak in terms of vision, you speak in terms of potential, and you speak in terms of where you wan…

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Nov. 1, 2018

91 - "Inverted Leadership" with Joel Hawbaker (@RealLifeLeading)

"I fail a lot more often than I care to admit but I am thankful that our God is a God of grace." - Joel Hawbaker   Today's featur…

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Oct. 11, 2018

Host 2 Host Special with Nathalie Mullinix

“A true leader is really following their gut and instincts and they're doing it to serve other people.” - Nathalie Mullinix   As …

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Oct. 8, 2018

84 - "Innovation and Leadership" with Dr. Jeff Standridge

Always be willing to innovate in this changing world.

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Oct. 1, 2018

82 - "Side Hustle Millionaire" with Tony Whatley (@365Driven)

“Thousands of people die every single every day with great ideas but they never get shared with the world because they never took…

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Aug. 9, 2018

66.5 - "Woman 5.0" with Gema Ramirez (@gemramir)

Conscious leadership is the way!

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May 2, 2018

42 - "Courage" with Christie Lindor (@MuseMece)

"Ask for what you want." This week's featured author is a management consultant, TEDx speaker, and fellow podcast host, Christie …

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March 2, 2018

Super Special Awesome Leadership Episode with Chris Jordan (@cjjordan…

In this bonus interview, we chat with U.S. Air Force veteran and certified John Maxwell Coach, Chris Jordan. This is a power pack…

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Feb. 22, 2018

31 - "Power Living" with Pam Reaves (@pamela_reaves)

Acknowledge, activate and embrace your power.

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