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Fun Time!

What a fun time being interviewed by Dom. Love his laugh. He did a great job with questions and listening.

Over the top

My experience being interviewed by Dom was over the top. His questions were right on and cis curiosity shook things up where his kindness helped me find my answers in real time. Love Dom. Yay, be on the look out for our podcast some time soon. Kathleen Donnelly Israel, Wisdom on the Camino

Dom is a Force of Nature!

Being interviewed by Dom Brightmon is an experience not to be missed! Just watch out for that cactus.

One of my favorites

Dom‘s podcast is one of my favorites to listen to throughout the week, I love the high-energy and informative vibe I get every time I listen thanks Don for all you do and keep up the good work.


Nice 2 C my man DOM doing his thing years later and still positive years later let’s talk soon my friend TONY

Pizza, tennis, life and of course the book!

I loved the free ranging nature of the podcast. Dom is engaging, friendly, funny and very approachable with a unique sense of humor while being very perceptive, picking up on subtle clues to move the conversation in interesting and unexpected directions. He really takes the time to pull back the curtain, allowing the subject to share a fuller sense of the their personality, motivations, philosophy and what makes them unique. Highly recommend Going North and Dom Brightmon.

Fun and Heartwarming

Dom was a joy to have as a podcast host. He was welcoming, positive, and asked great questions. I was blessed to be a guest on his show.

Fun and full of joy

Just a great way to laugh and feel the joy

It’s goofy and full of bad dad jokes

Dom is gonna keep the laughs coming throughout, keep it light and brighten your day or night. This is a great show and he really gets some interesting guests!

Eleni Fuiaxis & Picky Patrick Interview

Loved this interview - Eleni is so passionate, her spirit is infectious and you covered so many different, valuable topics together

Great Show. Fun host! Great Insights.

Dom has a great sense of humour and puts his guests at ease. Fun interviews and new insights. After each episode you leave enriched, entertained and wiser.

Very interesting and inspiring

I really loved such a fresh take on sexuality as well as spiritality. Dom is a excellent host and gets the best out of his guests. Thank you!


Dom is such a great listener and made me feel at ease immediately. He asks thought-provoking, unique questions and showed genuine interest in my children’s book series. He genuinely strives to bring out the best in all his guests and serve his audience. His kind heart and humor is infectious! There was so much GEM-dropping wisdom. It was so inspiring!

Going North

Being interviewed by Dom was fun. I was a little apprehensive before the interview, but his light-hearted approach works! He has the knack of bringing laughter into most any subject. So, thanks to you, Dom.

Dom is the Bomb!

He has a unique voice and approach, and uses it well. Plus, he’s a great listener! Love that! Had a blast with Dom — enjoyed every minute, and I think his listeners do, too.

Great podcast

It’s always fun to speak about my children’s book. Thanks for the opportunity to guest, Dom.

Timely wisdom for navigating life

This podcast combines the depth and energy of an incredible host with the process insights from a wide range of guests to shape how we view life, and ourselves.

Make this a regular listen!!

I'm so glad I found Dom. He has a whole host of wonderful interviews. I listened to some in preparation for my own interview with him and enjoyed them so much that I now listen to them just because they are so interesting, informative and inpirational. As an interviewer, Dom was fun from the first second, he is very lighthearted and sincere. I love his sense of humor and his genuine interest in his guests. Definitely a podcast to be listening to on a regular basis!

Let Dom help you find true North

Sometimes you need a little help in finding your way in life. Dom’s guests share their wisdom from their own life‘s journey. His episodes are always interesting and entertaining.

So informative and inspiring!

What an awesome show! I came to it to once again hear Steve Campbell (Episode 479) because I just can't get enough of him. I've been learning from him for YEARS! I've listened to his audiobook thrice and attended his all-day seminar twice. Life-altering!!! It's always a pleasure to be able to 'hear' more from him so I am reminded of what I learned and always seem to get something new from him. What I wasn't expecting was to find such an amazing list of previous show topics that Dom has hosted! He's done an excellent job of finding great-quality guests who are very informative and inspiring. This is definitely a show worth subscribing to and setting to auto play so you can learn from so many great people here!

An excellent host with interesting guests

Dom has a focus on keeping things positive and sharing tips on how to live such a life. A great host!

Dom’s Humor, Insight and Inspiration are Priceless

I have been interviewed countless times but speaking with Dom was a new experience. I loved the ease he immediately put me in and the insightful questions he asked. I absolutely enjoyed all the humor interjected in as we can ALL use a little more laughter these days. Dom’s interviews are ALL like this. He brings his guests to a relaxed space and in return, they are open to give even more from an aligned and present place. I am a huge fan of Dom’s and am excited to listen to even more of his guests and interviews. I would highly recommend listening to anyone that can use a little inspiration, information and levity!

Dom Brightmon is a hilarious, quality person with a giver's heart! I totally recommend his inspiring podcast and to also have him as a speaker on your show / at your event!

Informational and Fun

Dom is easy to chat with. His guests offer such wonderful insight and inspiration. Great podcast!

Great Show

Dom is funny and kind host. I appreciate his work and his podcast.

Dom is an awesome podcaster!

The Going North Podcast is fun, insightful and a real gem. Dom has thoughtful questions and gets a wonderful banter going. Well worth subscribing!

OMG such a Great Host!

Most podcast hosts have NO IDEA how to use their voice. They think they are so smart that everything they have to say is fascinating. Dom Brightmon is one of the very few podcast hosts who understand that podcasting is about SOUND, and he uses his voice like a fine musical instrument, and uses vocal “shtick” to entertain the audience better than any other host I’ve ever heard! Fun! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

High energy podcast

Dom keeps each interview upbeat and exciting--packed full of energy. His interviewing style keeps the conversation moving but balances it out with allowing each guest to tell their full story. Well worth adding to your library of podcasts.

Great Podcast Great Host

I enjoyed doing Dom show. He is authentic, real and alive with purposeful content and questions. I look forward to tunning into more shows. Adam C Hall

Dom is a terrific podcast host

I love Dom’s expertise at pulling the best out of his guests. The shows are entertaining as well as inspiring. I learn something every time I tune in.