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Brilliant Conversations

Love listening to this podcast. It’s fun, engaging and I love the chats Dom has with his guests and authors! My favourite question if your book was a food item, what would it be and why? Thank you

Fun, Funny & Punny with Deep Dive Dom

Feeling off track? Curious how to get going in the right direction again? Dom is fun, funny, punny, but decidely not shallow. Expect real and relevant content from both this host and his guests. Plug in for energy!

Great guests and theme

This show gets to the heart of life and points us....North! A must listen!

Great Show

This is a great show…. Inspiration and motivation….. Thanks for bringing on guest that share their knowledge and expertise to help us grow

Insightful and Inspirational!

Dom is a wonderful host who knows how to bring out the best in his guests. “Go north” and get ready to learn something new!

Positive and Empowering

Dom’s show is powerfully inspiring. His guests bring their messages on how to improve your life or find the tools you need to achieve success. And Dom really lets his guests steer the show and stand out. He is a great interviewer who lets them be the star!

Excellent Energy and Taste

Dom’s selection of guests are both entertaining and inspiring. The energy and depth he brings to each conversation makes his guests messages more memorable and the lessons more poignant!

Power, passion and fun

Dom delivers a ton of value while having fun at the same time. Working with him on his podcast was off the charts and I look forward to adding more value and receiving it as well from his other guests.

The Gift of Mentoring

Working with Dom on his podcast Going North was very invigorating. He understood the message that I wished to convey to his listeners and he guided the conversation accordingly. Dom is an awesome host and his program provides great value to his listening community.

Great Podcast

I enjoy the book recommendations as I’ve found some sweet gems from listening. Dom is great!

Super Hero Podcast

This podcast Is full of super human authors! Dom is a great host and his voice is amazing! He has such a great demeaneor and is so relatable to his guests and audience!

Great Personality and Charm

I thoroughly enjoyed interviewing Don for my podcast and being on his as well. He is a high spirited bundle of personality and charm. You won’t want to miss this podcast.

Tons of content

Listening to Doms podcast and he’s full of content. So many great guest for everyone who listens. Make sure you hit the subscribe button.

Should be renamed…

This should be called incredible central, this dude has the voice

Health Food for the Brain

I’ve been a fan of the Going North Podcast (GNP) since the beginning and now with 300+ episodes available there is something for everyone. During my daily commute, I have found the value of the educational content that is hosted on the GNP allowing me to feed my brain healthy, nutritional food, instead of junk food. If you’re an author you need to reach out to Dom Brightmon and ask to be on the GNP. He accommodates authors from various genres and he is willing to listen to the author and let the author tell their story. As an author of “Divorce is Worse than Death” he worked with me to let me tell my story. His professionalism is commendable and his personality is infectious. Dom shared my GNP interview to 20+ platforms for maximum exposure allowing listeners to enjoy my interview from their favorite podcast app.

Easy Inspirational Listening + Discover New Books!

Such a great podcast for discovering new books! I love that each guest has a book they talk about.. Episodes are easy to listen to in one sitting and always inspiring, plus Dom has a soothing voice that's also easy to listen to. Totally recommend!

This is a great show!

If you're headed south but headed in the wrong direction, try the Going North Podcast! I have taken in several episodes and have really appreciated what I experiences.

So many authors

Love all the authors. Especially episode 257 with Dr Froswa. I loved her TEDx talk

Vault of knowledge!

Outstanding podcasts. Tons and tons of episodes on so many different topics. I especially like the VA episode!!

Great stories

Check out this amazing content. Dom has a great interview style and easy to listen to.

Just plain awesome

Fun and enjoyable podcast.

Fun and inspiring!

Dom is such a great interviewer. His easy-going 'fun on a bun' attitude makes his podcast a pleasure to listen to. Love it!

Great insights & stories

You owe it to yourself to check out Dominique’s show. Loved the episode #243 about the power of audio books. Really inspiring stories & insights from awesome guests💪💪

You want insight in change

Dom is an amazing individual that connects with others looking to bring light to the world. A must subscribe and listen

You owe yourself

You owe it to yourself to listen and keep listening to this podcast!

Love The Back Stories

Being a book lover I love hearing these great authors and their back of the resume stories.

Amazing Show

I love Dom and his show! Incredible guests and love the questions he asks to get his guests to really open up.

Great show!

Going North offers so much on this show. Doesn’t disappoint!

My guy is the TRUTH

Consistent content that hits hard. And Dom has the perfect radio/pod voice.

Learn Something Useful and Interesting With Every Podcast!

I have really enjoyed listening to this podcast. Dom Brighton has the most insightful, intelligent, and interesting guests—all authors ready to share a little bit of helpful knowledge to use through our trek through life! Bravo Dom and thank you, Elizabeth Di Stefano

Great show!!! 🔥🔥

Stumbled onto this podcast tonight, and I’ve gotta say- I was a little unsure at first. The host is very laid back... unlike most podcasts I listen to. But man- I found myself completely, 100% engaged in the content! Great interviews... great guests... GREAT SHOW! I’m adding this to my playlist!

Do Yourself a Favor and Listen!

Dom brings a soothing melody of charisma and calm to help you advance yourself. Do yourself a favor and listen, absorb, be inspired, and enjoy!

A total win!

Dom is so fun with guests and hits the heart of the subject. Such an easy, great listen!

Podcast For Positivity

This show is a smooth and not in your face way for people to promote their work and their ideas. The host is extremely down to earth, and he brings an extremely warm vibe to the interviews that is quite refreshing!

Dom gives us access to some great interviews with authors that we may not have had the opportunity to connect with before. I love the types of questions he asks because they lead to the answers that we want to know. Looking forward to more great episodes.

Great Show by Great Guy

Dominique passion comes through his shows. He has a great message and a great interviewer. Alway look forward to the next episode. Keep it going Dom!

A True Podcast Champion

Dominique Brightmon is an absolute pleasure! I was recently interviewed by this gentleman for his podcast, and I must say, it was a singularly unique, enjoyable experience that I would be hard pressed to forget anytime soon! Dom has a charisma that transfers over to his guests effortlessly, and he always makes anyone (myself included) he interviews seem and feel like rock stars! Every time a new episode of the Going North Podcast hits the circuit, I’m eager to hear what kind of conversation he’ll have with his guest as every episode of his has a fresh, dynamic vibe that retains an air of bold unpredictability. If you’re looking for a voice and positive energy that you won’t find anywhere else, Mr. Brightmon is your man, and you’ve come to the right place!

Inspirational & practical

Loved the show. The host has an easy, laid-back interview style, giving ample time to guests to share practical tips and inspirational thoughts.

Dom's the Dude!

Dom is a standup guy with a huge passion for development and growth. I had the pleasure of being a guest on his show and he was aguest on mine. He's a bright spot in the podcasting world, this show is the truth!

Inspiration + practicality

If you're looking for a jolt to get your day going and to keep moving forward with your goals, tuning in to Dom's podcast is a wise decision. Besides the countless inspiration from guests from all walks of life, you'll also receive actionable takeaways and full laughs along the way.

Thanks Dom!

I was like a podcast like this for a LONG time! Thanks Dom<3


It's great to know Dom in real life. He is a great role model. And his podcast is flat out Awesome!