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April 11, 2019

136 - "Leadership Development" with Kevin Wayne Johnson (@Writing4the…

"Bad leaders teach us what not to do." - Kevin Wayne Johnson   Today's featured bestselling author is a fellow certified John Max…

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March 14, 2019

128 - “The Adventures of Teacherman” with Brian D. Neal (@BrockSteel1)

“Teaching is not for the weak at heart.” - Brian D. Neal   Today’s featured author is teacher, entrepreneur, and former DJ, Brian…

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Feb. 10, 2019

119 - "A Passion for High Performance & Professional Development" wit…

"People want to help other people." - Dr. Elizabeth Carter, DTM   Today's featured bestselling author is experienced finance prof…

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Feb. 7, 2019

118 - "Living Full Out" with Nancy Solari (@NancySolari)

“Every book that I do has a purpose in mind.” - Nancy Solari   Today's featured bestselling author is fellow speaker, extraordina…

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Jan. 17, 2019

113 - "Business, Faith & Empowering Women Over 40" with Jen Du Plessi…

“Are you working with people that compliment you or complicate you in your business?” - Jen Du Plessis   Today's featured bestsel…

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Jan. 6, 2019

110 - "Self-Intelligence" with Jane Ransom (@TheJaneRansom)

“Gratitude is one of the most scientifically proven effective things you can do to lift yourself up and it’s absolutely free.” - …

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Jan. 2, 2019

109 - "30 Days to Me" with Lynn Reilly

“Trust the process of life more.” - Lynn Reilly   Today's featured author is a dedicated Life Enthusiast,  Licensed Professional …

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Dec. 23, 2018

106 - "You Were Born to Fly" with Daniel Gomez (@DanielInspires)

“God does give you more than you can handle because if you feel if you can handle everything that comes your way, you are never g…

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Nov. 29, 2018

99 - "Leader By Choice" with Andres Valdes (@IamAndresValdes)

“When you speak to people, you speak in terms of vision, you speak in terms of potential, and you speak in terms of where you wan…

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Nov. 26, 2018

98 - "It Takes 10 Years to Be an Overnight Success" with Pamela Hilli…

“Everything is a lot of work.” - Pamela Hilliard Owens   Today's featured author is fellow podcaster, copywriter, and business co…

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Nov. 18, 2018

96 - "Fit Money" with Julia Carlson (@fitmoneydr)

"My business was my first child.” - Julia Carlson   Today's featured author is abundant living enthusiast, mompreneur and CEO/Fou…

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Nov. 15, 2018

95 - "L.I.F.E." with Jim Phillips (@inspired10)

“We are our own unique package.” - Jim Phillips   Today's featured author is speaker and L.I.F.E. Strategist, Jim Phillips. Jim a…

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Oct. 15, 2018

86 - "Stepping Into the Spotlight" with Tsufit (@Tsufit)

“Visibility leads to credibility.” - Tsufit   Todays featured award-winning author is keynote speaker and publicity maven, Tsufit…

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Oct. 8, 2018

84 - "Innovation and Leadership" with Dr. Jeff Standridge

Always be willing to innovate in this changing world.

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