Nov. 1, 2019

193 – “The Quest For Purpose” with Dr. Ken Keis (@crgleader)

193 – “The Quest For Purpose” with Dr. Ken Keis (@crgleader)
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“Living your purpose isn’t a self-centered event, it’s a self-honoring event” - Dr. Ken Keis


Today's featured bestselling author is the global authority on behavioral assessment strategies, fellow podcast host and a 30-year veteran in the field of leadership, purpose and wellness, Dr. Ken Keis. Dr. Ken and I talk about his newest book, the power of operating with integrity and tons more!!!


Key Takeaways:

Exercise is the best antidepressant.


“Every single person has an opinion but very few people have wisdom.”


Purpose and passion help people push through and to be resilient.


Coming from a place of victimhood is not a powerful place to be.


All of us have stories that can help take others to the next level, no matter how old you are.


Age brings insight, wisdom, and maturity.


Along with a healthy diet of real food, have the mindset to not participate with illnesses like the flu.


Living on purpose allows you to bring your highest level of contribution.


“Operate with integrity.”


Corruption is the #1 contributor to poverty.


“Life leaves clues.”


Special FREE Gift from Dr. Ken:


Dr. Ken's Podcast, Secrets of Success TM:

The opening track is titled, "Pure White Field (SfEX2)" by Rukunetsu aka Project R. To listen and download the entire track, click the following link. 



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