Aug. 20, 2020

277 – “Entrepreneurs Rocket Fuel” with Kimberly Hobscheid (@EntrepreneursR4)

277 – “Entrepreneurs Rocket Fuel” with Kimberly Hobscheid (@EntrepreneursR4)

“If you are not being seen you are being overlooked.” - Kimberly Hobscheid


Today’s featured bestselling author is award-winning international inspirational public speaker, audiobook producer, and six-time entrepreneur, Kimberly Hobscheid. Kimberly and I talk about how she got into entrepreneurship, why authors need to produce an audiobook, and what led to her creating Entrepreneurs Rocket Fuel.


Key Things You’ll Learn:

Why every author needs to produce an audiobook with their print book.

What she does to turn her clients into completers.

Why she became a serial entrepreneur.

How to get on the road to joy.



Kimberly’s Site:

Kimberly’s Books:


Resources Mentioned:

(YouTube Video) How to Revive Dead Leads:

Entrepreneurs Rocket Fuel:


A special shoutout goes to MadXRuler (Formally Known as Ruler Inc.) for his track, "VS Beat 2." Be sure to cop track along with his other work through this link.


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