Aug. 21, 2021

Ep. 392.5 – “Never, Never” with Liz Butcher (@lunaloveliz)

Ep. 392.5 – “Never, Never” with Liz Butcher (@lunaloveliz)

Chase those dreams.

Chase those dreams.

Today’s featured award-winning author is mom, wife, and a self-confessed nerd with a BA in psychology and an insatiable fascination for learning, Liz Butcher. Liz and I talk about her newest book, what she’s been doing to stay productive, and more!


Key Thing’s You’ll Learn:

How she keeps a balance between being a wife, mom, and entrepreneur.

The 2 Lessons She learned Since writing Her 1st Book.

What skills Liz has sharpened during the pandemic.


Liz’s Site:

Liz’s Books:


The opening track of this episode is titled “Violet” by MadXRuler. Click the following link to hear the full track and support the artist.


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