Nov. 20, 2021

Ep. 432 – “Discovery of LESS” with Chris Lovett (@ChristoLovett)

Ep. 432 – “Discovery of LESS” with Chris Lovett (@ChristoLovett)

“Getting rid of stuff can help you grow.” – Chris Lovett

Today’s featured author is minimalist, simplicity coach, speaker, and music geek, Chris Lovett. Chris and I talk about his book, “Discovery of LESS: How I Found Everything I Wanted Underneath Everything I Owned”,  the benefits of whole life decluttering and more!!


Key Thing’s You’ll Learn:

Why clutter is more than physical.

Why he calls himself a “slow traveler.”

The benefits of slow travel.

What is “heart currency” and how it can help others.


Chris’ Site:

Chris’ Book:


The opening track is titled, Enlightened Thought by Asis Galvin. Support his craft and listen to the full track by clicking the following link,


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