April 4, 2022

Ep. 490 – “The Courageous Ask” with Brian Kreeger

Ep. 490 – “The Courageous Ask” with Brian Kreeger
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“Be courageous. Be proactive.” - Brian Kreeger

Today’s featured author is a father, grandfather, speaker, US veteran, and award-winning Nonprofit Leadership Coach, Brian Kreeger. Brian and I talk about his book, “The Courageous Ask: A Proactive Approach to Prevent the Fall of Christian Nonprofit Leaders”, how to prevent leadership falls, and more!!!


Key Things You’ll Learn:

Where the source is for most leadership falls.

What are some indicators of an impending leadership fall?

Why leaders need go-to people for venting and accountability

Why leaders acknowledging their humanness is often seen as an abstract idea.

What to expect from Brian’s upcoming books.


Brian’s Site:https://www.briankreeger.com/

Brian’s Books:https://www.amazon.com/Brian-Kreeger/e/B09BC2N4DJ?ref_=dbs_p_pbk_r00_abau_000000


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