Oct. 30, 2022

Ep. 581 – “Teaching Writing at the Collegiate Level” with Luanne Smith (@luannesmith56)

Ep. 581 – “Teaching Writing at the Collegiate Level” with Luanne Smith (@luannesmith56)

Dial into your passion and do it because it is worth it.

Dial into your passion and do it because it is worth it.

Today’s featured author is a book editor and retired college creative writing and film professor, Luanne Smith. Luanne and I have a fun chat about her books, her journey from a blue-collar upbringing to becoming a collegiate professor, and more!


Key Things You’ll Learn:

How she became a writer

How being a film professor set her up for success as an author

What major setback set her up for success

Her advice for those that reached midlife and have not embraced their dreams yet


Luanne’s Site: https://luanne-smith.com/

Luanne’s Books: https://luanne-smith.com/category/books/


The opening track is titled "Intelligent Crew" by Rukunetsu (AKA Project R). To download this and other ear sugar from this artist, click the following link. https://soundcloud.com/rukunetsu/intelligent-crew-dw5-rmix


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