Nov. 29, 2018

Host 2 Host Special - "Thoughts From the Entrepreneur Whisperer" with JC Preston (@jc_preston)

Host 2 Host Special -

Angles of Latitude

Today’s featured bonus guest is a fellow podcaster, certified John Maxwell coach and Entrepreneurial Engineer, JC Preston. JC and I talk about his college background, the entrepreneurs that inspire him, and tons more!


Key Takeaways from this episode include:


  • College is not for everybody and those that are in college don’t stay too long.
  • Use school as a means of networking and building long-lasting relationships.
  • Always ask yourself who can you help and add value to.
  • Study those who have proof of their success.
  • Stay active in your local community.


JC’s Preston’s Site (For the Freebie Guide):

Angles of Latitude of Podcast:


A special shoutout goes to MagicMusicX (@magicmusicx) for his track "Computer Room". Be sure to cop this and his other wonderful tunes through the following link.


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