Jan. 19, 2023

#Bonus Ep. – “Finding Eden” with Brad Dude (@bdude1)

#Bonus Ep. – “Finding Eden” with Brad Dude (@bdude1)

“You don’t have to be “the boss” to be a leader.” – Brad Dude

“You don’t have to be “the boss” to be a leader.” – Brad Dude

Today’s featured bonus author is a grandfather, husband, speaker, facilitator, leadership trainer, and international organizational development consultant, Brad Dude. Brand and I had a chat about his books, what it was like writing a fiction novel after years of publishing nonfiction books, and more!!!


Key Things You’ll Learn:

How he first learned leadership skills

Why every leader needs to be self-aware

Why every leader needs a “toolbox” and one of the essential items that belong in that box

The challenge of switching between writing a novel after writing nonfiction for many years


Brad’s Site: https://braddude.com/

Brad’s Books: https://www.amazon.com/stores/author/B00OGSK7N2/allbooks?ingress=0&visitId=885a3172-62c2-4521-a988-aadc82121b42&store_ref=ap_rdr&ref_=ap_rdr


This week's opening track is titled HIRAMEKI-Mirai-未来 by Rukunetsu AKA Project R. Be sure to click this link to check out his wonderful music. https://soundcloud.com/rukunetsu/hirameki-mirai


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