Dec. 16, 2020

Ep. 311 – “Works of Urban Mythopoeia” with Cat Rambo (@Catrambo)

Ep. 311 – “Works of Urban Mythopoeia” with Cat Rambo (@Catrambo)

“Writers will find any way to procrastinate.” - Cat Rambo

“Writers will find any way to procrastinate.” - Cat Rambo


Today’s featured award-winning author is editor, professor, and two-term President of SFWA (The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America), Cat Rambo. Cat and I talk about her writing lineage, what she does to stay productive as a writer, and more meow goodness!!!


Key Things You’ll Learn:

How it was being part of a sci-fi triumvirate to complete a futuristic sci-fi novel.

Why she teaches classes online by herself instead of at a university.

How writing is in her blood.

What helped her to stay creative in 2020.

What helps Cat to stay focused on writing and getting things done.

Why you must let authors (and or your heroes) know that you appreciate them.



Cat’s Site:

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A special shoutout goes to EV Sharp (formally known as MagicMusicX) for his track "Computer Room". Be sure to cop this and his other wonderful tunes through the following link.



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