Dec. 6, 2021

Ep. 439 – “The Magic of Pleasure Seeking” with Claudia Monacelli (@MagicOfPleasure)

Ep. 439 – “The Magic of Pleasure Seeking” with Claudia Monacelli (@MagicOfPleasure)

Writing teaches you about yourself.

Writing teaches you about yourself.

Today’s featured author is International Liaison Officer, Keynote Speaker, Psychic Medium, and Soul Therapist, Claudia Monacelli. Claudia and I talk about her upcoming book, “The Magic of Pleasure Seeking”, why adventures help you become more creative and more!


Key Thing’s You’ll Learn:

How Claudia stays creative.

Does she plan to write a fiction novel.

Why people don’t want to be understood sometimes.


Claudia’s Site:

Claudia’s 2nd Site:

Claudia’s Books:

Claudia’s Podcast, “Multiple Voices”:


The opening track is titled "Blue Jazz" by Marcus D. Be sure to cop this track and the rest of his music by clicking this link.


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