May 19, 2022

Ep. 510 - "Lights, Camera, Action" With Amy Scruggs (@amyscruggssd)

Ep. 510 -

“Sometimes just the way you share something can make an impact.” - Amy Scruggs

In today’s episode of the Going North Podcast, we have media executive, TV host, recording artist, public speaker, corporate spokesperson, and business professional Amy Scruggs as she shares how she helps others present and communicate a concise, professional message, whether they are on camera with network TV, interviewed by a major news or entertainment outlet, filming a corporate video, attending a ZOOM call, on a podcast, in social media marketing, or public speaking. Amy is the “Voice and Face” of Mutual of Omaha Mortgage and the current host for the national TV show Financing the American Dream, which airs on CNBC.


The opening track is titled "My Past - Part II" by MadXRuler (formally known as Ruler Inc.). Be sure to visit his Bandcamp page and check out his sounds by clicking the following link.


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