Oct. 2, 2022

#FourFoldFormula Ep. – “Coming to the USA” with Nene Kodjoe (@SIA_Africa)

#FourFoldFormula Ep. – “Coming to the USA” with Nene Kodjoe (@SIA_Africa)

Give back and give more.

Give back and give more.

Today’s featured bonus author is an immigrant from Ghana with over 10 years of management skills and nonprofit owner, Nene Kodjoe. Nene and I have a chat about his story from the book, “The Four-Fold Formula For All Things Wellness: True Stories of the Heart, Spirit, Mind and Body”, starting a nonprofit, and more!


Key Things You’ll Learn:

What inspired his story of choice for the book

How he had to regroup after the culture shock of coming to America

What inspired him to start SIA-Africa


Nene’s Site: https://sia-africa.org/

The Book: https://www.amazon.com/Four-Fold-Formula-All-Things-Wellness/dp/1955668299


The opening track is titled "Intelligent Crew" by Rukunetsu (AKA Project R). To download this and other ear sugar from this artist, click the following link. https://soundcloud.com/rukunetsu/intelligent-crew-dw5-rmix


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