Dec. 16, 2021

Ep. 443 – “Buried Beneath” with Kelly Ann Hopkins (@khopkinswrites)

Ep. 443 – “Buried Beneath” with Kelly Ann Hopkins (@khopkinswrites)

“Make your dream part of your schedule.” – Kelly Hopkins

“Make your dream part of your schedule.” – Kelly Hopkins

Today’s featured author is mom, wife, high school librarian, and creative writing teacher, Kelly Hopkins. Kelly and I talk about joining the business of immortality as a published author with 3 books in one year, how she balances writing with her full-time job as a librarian, and more!!


Key Thing’s You’ll Learn:

What inspired Kelly to be a librarian.

What inspired Kelly to become an author.

What she’s learned from publishing 3 books in 1-year.

How to handle feedback as a writer.



Kelly’s Site:

Kelly’s Books:


The opening track is titled "Intelligent Crew" by Rukunetsu (AKA Project R). To download this and other ear sugar from this artist, click the following link.


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