Sept. 22, 2021

#FearlessEntrepreneurs with David Smith, Kym Glass, & Kohila Sivas

#FearlessEntrepreneurs with David Smith, Kym Glass, & Kohila Sivas

“You can’t get to the next place with the same connections you have today.” – Kym Glass

Today’s 4th of 5 bonus inspirational author panels for September 2021 features 3 of the authors from the number one bestselling book, “The Fearless Entrepreneurs: Fear Less; Be More”. We talked about what it means to be a fearless entrepreneur, using setbacks as a stepping stone, and more!!!


Key Thing’s You’ll Learn:

Why it’s good to be part of a collaborative book. Especially as an entrepreneur.

A habit that every fearless entrepreneur should have.

How to deal with setbacks on your entrepreneur route.



Kohila’s Site:

Kym’s Site:

David’s Site:


The opening track is titled "Glorious Fanfare Remix" by Asis Galvin. To listen and purchase the full track, click the following link.


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