Dec. 13, 2021

Ep. 442 – “Jungle Jean” with Geralyn Gendreau (@geralyngendreau)

Ep. 442 – “Jungle Jean” with Geralyn Gendreau (@geralyngendreau)

“We all have admirable qualities if we look for them.” – Geralyn Gendreau

“We all have admirable qualities if we look for them.” – Geralyn Gendreau

Today’s featured bestselling author is ghostwriter, licensed psychotherapist, soul-provoking life coach, and blackbelt martial artist, Geralyn Gendreau. Geralyn and I talk about her newest book, “Jungle Jean: The Life and Times of Jean Liedloff, the Woman Who Transformed Modern Parenting with The Continuum Concept”, the process for writing this book, and more!!


Key Thing’s You’ll Learn:

How Geralyn met Jean Liedloff and what is it about her work that caused her to dedicate herself to advancing The Continuum Concept.

Her process for choosing which stories to add to the book.

Why joy is our natural state.

A glimpse of common “blindspots” that keep people stuck.


Geralyn’s Site:

Geralyn’s Book:


The opening track is titled “Amor Vencer” from Subterranean Sessions by MadXRuler (formally known as Ruler Inc.). Capture this tune and the whole album by clicking the following link.


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