Jan. 6, 2023

Ep. 611 – “Optimizing Your Health” with Emily Gold Mears, JD

Ep. 611 – “Optimizing Your Health” with Emily Gold Mears, JD

“Every little bit of improvement will make a difference.” - Emily Gold Mears

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“Every little bit of improvement will make a difference.” - Emily Gold Mears

Today’s featured author is lawyer turned citizen scientist and research analyst, Emily Gold Mears. Emily and I talk about her book, “Optimizing Your Health: An Approachable Guide to Reducing Your Risk of Chronic Disease”, becoming your own healthcare advocate, and more!!!


Key Things You’ll Learn:

What inspired Emily to become a citizen scientist

How to optimize your sleep

How to be your own healthcare advocate

Why Emily’s book starts with the importance of mouth health


Emily’s Site:https://www.emilygoldmears.com/

Emily’s Book:https://www.amazon.com/Optimizing-Your-Health-Approachable-Reducing/dp/1637582919/ref=tmm_hrd_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=


Opening track is titled “Check It Out” by Mountaineer from #Uppbeat (free for Creators!):


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