Dec. 14, 2021

#M2M Bonus – “When Spirit Calls” with Judy Lemon

#M2M Bonus – “When Spirit Calls” with Judy Lemon

“Kindness is king.” – Judy Lemon

“Kindness is king.” – Judy Lemon

Today’s featured bestselling author is a shamanic practitioner and Somatic Experiencing trauma therapist (SEP), Judy Lemon. Judy and I talk about her story in the book, “Mayhem to Miracles”, and more!


Key Things You’ll Learn:

What her Shamanic healing work taught her about living.

The meaning behind Machete Woman and her progress with her book.

What is next for Judy after Mayhem to Miracles.


Judy’s Site:

The Book, “Mayhem to Miracles: Sacred Stories of Transformational Hope”:,aps,219&sr=8-1



The opening track is titled “Rising Sun Bump” by MadXRuler (formally known as Ruler Inc.). To hear the full track and support the artist, click the following link.


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