Jan. 28, 2023

Ep. 622 – “Under The Orange Blossoms” with Cindy Benezra (@CindyBenezra111)

Ep. 622 – “Under The Orange Blossoms” with Cindy Benezra (@CindyBenezra111)

“If you have a secret your whole life and you’ve been threatened to never share it, it’s almost like you lose your voice and in that, you lose yourself.” – Cindy Benezra

“If you have a secret your whole life and you’ve been threatened to never share it, it’s almost like you lose your voice and in that, you lose yourself.” – Cindy Benezra

Today’s featured author is a mom, wife, luxury event planner, inspirational speaker, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and sexual abuse survivor advocate, Cindy Benezra. Cindy and I had a chat about her book, “Under The Orange Blossoms: An Inspirational Story of Bravery and Strength”, self-calming techniques to cope with post-traumatic stress, and more!!


Key Things You’ll Learn:

What led her to become a sexual abuse advocate

How she was able to finish her memoir while writing through trauma

Some tools that have helped Cindy through her trauma



Cindy’s Site: https://www.cindytalks.com/

Cindy’s Book: https://www.amazon.com/Under-Orange-Blossoms-Inspirational-Strength/dp/B09GJPFSM8


Opening track is titled “Check It Out” by Mountaineer from #Uppbeat (free for Creators!):


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